Our Mission

“We are Marine Corps Veterans who have been through many mental and physical struggles. We have come together to build a community of Veterans and Active duty service members to support one another.”


​​After diving one Saturday morning Co-Founders Ray and Javier thought about using diving as a method to help bond veterans and active duty members from all branches of service. We thought about having a group of divers, who also served in the military, come together and share their experiences while in service, whether active or inactive. With many members who have deployed abroad, we felt that having this group can help to ease some of the anxiety that being in the military can bring. This group would allow for these members to talk about what they experienced with other members who have served and have an understanding of what they have been through. Without prejudice!

Co-founder Javier served for 8 years of active service within the Reconnaissance Community. The units he served under was 1st Force Reconnaissance Company from 1990-1992, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion from 1992-1993, and 1st Reconnaissance Company from 1993-1997 when he exited from the Marine Corps.  During his time in Recon he serviced in Desert Storm, Desert Shield and many other campaigns and deployments.

Co-founder Ray joined the United States Marine Corps in 1993, he was the first in his family to serve in the Marine Corps. Ray found his home in the Marine Corps and knew that was where he belonged. Ray’s career was cut short and was medically discharged from the Marine Corps and has been struggling with physical and mental disabilities ever since, with very little assistance from the Veteran’s Administration (VA). Meeting many veterans along the way, who were experiencing the same struggles, Ray found that the best support that he has received was from other veterans.

While thinking about what our servicemen and women go through on a day to day basis, we felt that being within a group of past and present military members, will build camaraderie, or Esprite De Corps and live up to our vision statement,“We will never leave a brother or sister behind!”